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Doha Pearl Football Academy

Our Philosophy

Doha Pearl Academy with its committed and experienced staff have an environment which is professional, friendly and approachable for players to be treated fairly and receive advice with essential football learning and holistic development.

It is our coaches’ responsibility to develop and deliver feedback for players in a challenging, safe and supportive environment which encourages them to experiment in their own potential and express themselves not only on the pitch but socially and academically. There are firm plans being made to enhance the potential not only for our players to move into the QFA but to have the opportunity for educational developments in sport and if good enough trial opportunities with professional clubs through our scouting contacts in the UK, Europe and the USA.

We at Doha Pearl Academy firmly believe football is a journey towards success and this foundation and pathway we have in place allow young players to progress to the first team squad with a holistic approach that will produce young footballers we can all be proud of.

U3 - U6

Fun and adventure to the entire family, creating memories that last a lifetime. 

Developing children’s passion and love for the game at this key age.

Age specific, development guide for youth football at U3, U4, U5 and U6 levels. 

Program based around the adventures of Faisal the Falcon. 

Game Development 1 v 1 and 3 v 3

U7 - U11

Central to our style of play is the creation of diamonds and triangles. 

The Foundation Programme allows us to embed this from the start. Players will rotate positions, including goalkeeper. 

Teams look to play out from the back using the goalkeeper and possession the ball with purpose.

Players will be encouraged to be confident in 1v1 situations, recognize when to pass and be comfortable receiving the ball. 

Game Development 5 v 5 and 7 v 7

U10 - U15

The number of diamonds/triangles are increased to provide more passing options when in possession. 

The focus on the central positioned player and their role will allow for more touches on the ball and increased decision making. 

Fundamental focus is given on ball mastery and technical proficiency in passing, receiving, dribbling and kicking the ball. Basic tactical information is given when in possession and to regain possession. 

Game Development 7 v 7 and 9 v 9

U12 - U18

Player roles have been consistent throughout the process allowing for embedded familiarity.

The aim is to dominate the ball in possession progressively through the thirds, be organized in attack, defence and transitions.

The system continues to allow position flexibility and movement within shape. Players define tactical and technical attributes in training and game. Ensuring players are prepared technically to carry out the tactical instruction.

Game Development 11 v 11

U7 - U15

Programs for young women provide a safe and healthy environment for girls to grow as individuals and build the self-confidence and skills necessary for them to succeed in their future endeavors. 

Girl’s only programs create safe spaces where girls can be themselves, develop resilience, demonstrate their strengths and learn.

The girls only programme will be delivered by our UEFA qualified female coaches.

Why Doha Pearl Football Academy?

‘Talent alone will not help your child or youth move up the player pathway’