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Code of conduct

Players, Parents & Coaches

In keeping children and young people at the forefront of planning and practice, coaches can be confident that participants will enjoy their football experiences and that their actions are regarded as safe and in keeping with the principle that the welfare of children is of paramount consideration. Coaches are given a position of trust by the Doha Pearl Academy, and should show the highest standards of behaviour whilst in the company of under age players. It is important that coaches follow an agreed code of good practice and parents/club officials are satisfied that coaches are suitable to lead the activities undertaken.


Coaches have a responsibility to ensure the safety of the players with whom they work as far as possible within the limits of their control. Therefore, coaches should seek to create a safe and enjoyable environment in which to play and train. In this respect:

  • Regular safety checks should be carried out in relation to premises, training facilities and equipment
  • Appropriate safety rules should be adopted and implemented
  • Parents should be informed of the starting and finishing times of training sessions and matches
  • A first aid kit should be available at all training sessions /matches and injuries should be recorded, with a note of action taken in relation to each one. Never play injured players
  • Parents should be notified of injuries/illness which their children incur while participating in any football activity a positive approach to the involvement of children in sport
  • Encourage participation and fun
  • Promote the development of skills as opposed to winning at all costs
  • Emphasise and praise effort
  • Act as a good role model
  • Actively discourage children/young players from abusing referees, officials, team mates or opponents (take off offending players)
  • Insist on FAIR PLAY (take off offending players)
  • Be realistic with your expectations
  • Be aware of children’s feelings
  • Teach players to respect different cultures

Responsibility to report

Any coach, who has concerns about a child’s welfare or who suspects that a child is being treated unfairly, or is at risk of abuse, has a responsibility to report their concerns to the Doha Pearl Academy Head Coach. In the case of any event happening, a Child Incident Report will be documented by the coach. It’s also important that if any injury is caused to a player that an Injury Report is also filled out.

Contacting parents/players: mobile phones are often given to children for security, enabling parents to keep in touch and make sure they are safe. However such technology has also allowed an increase in direct personal contact with young people, in some cases used to cross personal boundaries and cause harm. Within clubs there is a need to encourage responsible and secure use of mobile phones. In this respect coaches are advised to:

  • Use group texts for communication among players and teams through parents and inform of this at the start of the season
  • It is not appropriate to have constant communication for individual athletes
  • Don’t use the phone in certain locations; inappropriate use of your camera phone may cause upset or offence to another person, e.g. changing rooms